Spring Semester 1.2

For the first time in the semester I now had a chance to really focus on my work. I felt like I was in a rut, so I decided to start making some fluff work. That has always been the key to me keeping me making, sometimes taking a break of a undetermined length from my body of work, and just start making stuff with no intent.

Here is where I spent the bulk of my time while printing. Just trying different things like drawing with India ink and alcohol, or woodblock etching, I just wanted to try stuff and really feel satisfied no matter the product that came from it.

Top to Bottom
- Ink Slab print I
- Woodblock Etching I
- Ink Film IV
- IFiv Epson Run 1
- IFiv Epson Run 2
- IFiv Silk Screen Run 1
- IFiv Silk Screen Run 2
- Ink Head Film
- IHF Epson Run 1

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