Spring Semester 1.1

This semester, my work became very modular and segmented. Most of that was due to stresses I was putting on myself. Pointless stresses really. So the overall ebb and flow of this semester was dictated by many deadlines. Between the Ireland exchange, Mongolia exchange, and Zine workshop, my first semester really became much more about meeting those deadlines. At the same time it was a relief to have the themes set out and to be able to purely focus on my reaction to them.

So to start, here is my Ireland exchange print, the theme was "Winners and Losers".

Top to bottom
- Loser written all over him (first layer) silk screen.
Loser written all over him, silk screen.

I used this project as a proof of my ability to register silkscreen and to maintain a consistent result for the Mongolia exchange.

This is my idea of one day, or this is what I did one day

- Untitled, Silk Screen

All the while these deadlines were looming there was a zine workshop on a Thursday and Friday that I was really looking forward to participating in so I had to make a deadline for myself on that project so that it wouldn't drag out and interfere with the two exchange editions. So, lacking any sleep at all, I pumped out twenty zines by sunday. I think the theme of "love for sale" really motivated because to be frank fuck love. Here it is in a more formal sort of book layout format.

- Love Re-Sold, Silk Screen

So once these deadlines were gone I just wanted to start making for myself.

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