over a year

So it has been quite sometime since I last posted, not that anyone really will read this, but for those of you here reading here are some different pieces of my process work I have found. I am tired, I'll put them up tomorrow.

Spaceman 2.0

"I am floating towards the nothing" Is inspired by the lyrics from the same song as the previous spaceman print but only a different portion of it. The actual lyrics are:
I am floating towards the sun.
The sun of nothing."

The whole song is about the character trying to find his way back to his home planet. Floating towards the next sun, trying to find it, he describes the sense of absolute loneliness as being like 'a planet on his own' his own planet, with no home. I really related to this sense of being lost looking for a planet to call home, I don't feel like I'm there, but I'll keep floating to the next sun, hopefully finding a place that suits me.

Spaceman 2.0 has been made and is available as an Epson print for $30 plus S&H or print trade. It is the second in the spaceman series and I think is an improvement to the first version. In fact I will be reworking the first one in this style so that the series will be more cohesive. The prints are on paper that is 22x15 with a print area of 13x20. They are available on BFK Reives White, Grey, and Creame, as well as a Fabriano Heavyweight White. Scans and photos of all of these as well as various color temperature shifts will be posted soon, so keep checking back.

now with stars and colors

and now... with even more colors, I think just really annoy everyone I'll post all the separations too

oh yeah and PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE let me know what you think

Spaceman B&W

Here is the spaceman illustration I have done for my final critique, it will be 3-4 color screen printed with, "SPACEMAN", across the top and then at the bottom,"...that's what they say I am." (text is a song lyric from the song 'Sun of Nothing" by Between The Buried and Me . Stars and possibly a moon in the background. Still developing for instance, his eye appears to have exploded so his eye will have exploded, this is what I want the black, key, layer to look like and I want the black to provide all the tone for the color areas. I will post a new picture once I do an approximate coloring and also add stars to the backdrop and that possible moon.

(click to enlarge)

so more to come... tonight

Project Book Day 1

So I got a new sketch book/journal the other day and I got a journal sized one based on the advice of an old friend, oh and its red and has a string to mark the page. Today I decided to make a project of it, so here is the introduction page of it, it will explain a lot .

Maybe if its decent enough I'll make a small edition to give as gifts.

Here is the first drawing made.

-Micron and Colored Pencil

Second Drawing


On this one I was thinking of cutting the eyes out and having
a creepy drawing on the next page so it lines up with the eyes.
Also I want to do another face drawing on the back of this page
so that the eyes line up again with another creepy image.
Feel free to comment with any ideas for the eyes.

Girl Ninja is Done!

So, pretty much the only thing I have gotten done so far this semester is an exchange portfolio project and this poster my roommate Brendan (an illustrator here at MECA) illustrated and I printed, and although it turned out much different from the original image, I think we are both pleased with the run as objects which is kind of what I have thought they were going to be all along. I am excited because its by far the most complicated project I have done(9-10 layers, 7 colors) and will do for a while. It was hard registering the prints properly and getting the inks to print solidly was something I knew was going to be challenging, but through some testing and experimenting with different additives to the ink as well as changing the way I was flooding and printing helped. So now that they are done I will be putting them up for sale on Etsy.com next week. I will link to my store when they are up. Here are some scans of the prints, I hope to have some photos for the store, when I have those I will post those as well.

Printed on Cream Stonehenge

Printed on Lenox 100 White


Greetings all, and I know there are many, I am here to announce that I will be posting again soon, just as soon as I get more process shots (a.k.a action shots). I am currently looking at the world plate full, or glass filled to capacity, anyways I am very busy right now, and hope to have some real live work to show for it soon! So keep checking and in no time flat, or two days there will be more for you to gander, hopefully more on the side of alot than little.
p.s. apologies for not posting since forever ago