First Semester

So I have decided to start by showing a small selection of prints from last semester to start. I want to really focus reflecting and connecting where I was and where I am. Before my Junior review I felt like my work wasn't going in a direction, but sort of jumping tracks with out any real linear connection. However after looking at my work and discussing it, I saw a narrative, or the beginning and end of one. So I want to show you all my start this year and go from there.

(click images to enlarge)

From top to bottom
- Bench I, xerox transfer on paper
- Bench II, Xerox transfer and watercolor on paper
- Bench III, Xerox transfer and acrylic on canvas

I feel like this work helped spark my insatiable appetite to for working and showed me that I could be ok with making pointless work, so long as I got something out of it. I began to explore material and what certain materials do to certain images. Particularly the next group of Images, starting with the diptic, the way the print sits in the canvas seemed really beautiful to me, and I really like the image paired with the canvas as the ground.

- Untitled, Lithography on Canvas,

This print stood out from the series it was in because of the canvas and the way the ink reacted to the canvas and vise versa.

This reaction to the materials was something that was still developing for me as pushed through and start to appreciate the way ink sits in or on the material. This was helpful to me because I began to appreciate paper and see that there was a potential of there being something worth searching out in the Spring.

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