Final Critique: Artist Statement

So to start my final critique, which I have decided to display on here as opposed to in person, I will begin with my artist statement, really more of a foreword.

Throughout the creation of this work my starting place was in constant flux. Few things were able to hold my interest strongly enough for me to carry them through the Fall and into the Spring. I was really interested in finding new materials for myself to work on in the fall (printing on wood, mod podge sheets, and plexi-glass). This opened up the world of papers to me and allowed me a little more agility with the way I could work that really propelled me into silk screen. What I'm getting at is that my "final project" is this blog. It is allowing me to reflect upon the past work and to translate it into a narrative of my junior year. The works are displayed in a semi-chronological order, with an overall emphasis on the Spring semester. Where needed some works are sequenced based upon my growth.

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