Spring Semester 1.3

Now I want to show how this fluff work directed me towards a goal that I had been lazily moving towards. Printing the electric chair again but in a different aesthetic than I had previously. I had altered it by overlapping them, changing the scale, and added color to the environment, or by placing a figure in the chair. Up to this point I had not altered the actual chair itself. So I changed its aesthetic to a sort of anti-line drawing.

Beaming with Guilt, silkscreen

I was excited to see just how forgiving using transparent ink layers is, yet is very affective for creating that sort of clean line, even with light misprinting. I decided to throw in a few examples to show where my electric chair has been.

From Top to Bottom (bottom half only)
- Sit up straight, damnit!, silkscreen and spray paint stencil
- Untitled, Xerox transfer on chipboard
As we approached I ______.(Vertical Triptic), Mixed Media

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