"Parental Proverbs"

This is the project I am working on for my major's studio, it involves memories of sayings that parents say that just sort of stick with you. I want to remove the context of the proverb and replace it with an image that kind of goes with the saying...

The project is still in it's very early stages of development, its a project I plane to work on for years and a half semester's time is not long enough for me to really flush any solid work out of it.

Anyways here is some of the concept work...

"Sit up straight" 1-3

The media for these are silk screen, monoprint, relief, and stencil.

the idea is exciting because it is open ended enough to where I could work on this project for years, but it's not so open that it is overwhelming. I will add more as I make them.

All images copyright Tim Daniels 2008

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