My name is Tim Daniels.

I grew up in a very small town in MA.
I currently go to Maine College of Art.
I am a printmaking major.
I am in my junior year.
I like to do different stuff outside printmaking too.
Such as design, sculpture, painting, drawing, photography, and some writing(but that I don't really share)
But I like making prints of stuff I do outside of printmaking the most.

Right now I am just looking for a way to network(I hate that word, but I don't know any better word to describe it) with other people who might have opinions about my work, and as a way to meet people who could give me help finding a job when I graduate. I feel like I am still really new to the concepts of printmaking but that I am picking up on them pretty quickly.

So I'll post some work, on my next post which will be VERY SHORTLY (like an hour or two to scan in the work)

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Annie said...

Tim, I have the honor of being the first to peruse your blog. Really conveys what you and your art are about. Enjoyed the idea of parental proverbs, very thought-provoking, and as you said, lots of directions to go with that idea, "sit up straight" being a classic and universal parental edict. I'm impressed!