Spaceman 2.0

"I am floating towards the nothing" Is inspired by the lyrics from the same song as the previous spaceman print but only a different portion of it. The actual lyrics are:
I am floating towards the sun.
The sun of nothing."

The whole song is about the character trying to find his way back to his home planet. Floating towards the next sun, trying to find it, he describes the sense of absolute loneliness as being like 'a planet on his own' his own planet, with no home. I really related to this sense of being lost looking for a planet to call home, I don't feel like I'm there, but I'll keep floating to the next sun, hopefully finding a place that suits me.

Spaceman 2.0 has been made and is available as an Epson print for $30 plus S&H or print trade. It is the second in the spaceman series and I think is an improvement to the first version. In fact I will be reworking the first one in this style so that the series will be more cohesive. The prints are on paper that is 22x15 with a print area of 13x20. They are available on BFK Reives White, Grey, and Creame, as well as a Fabriano Heavyweight White. Scans and photos of all of these as well as various color temperature shifts will be posted soon, so keep checking back.

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dougnukem said...

Reminds me of sunshine, badass theme, drifting in space, gravitating towards the next largest body of mass and energy!