Girl Ninja is Done!

So, pretty much the only thing I have gotten done so far this semester is an exchange portfolio project and this poster my roommate Brendan (an illustrator here at MECA) illustrated and I printed, and although it turned out much different from the original image, I think we are both pleased with the run as objects which is kind of what I have thought they were going to be all along. I am excited because its by far the most complicated project I have done(9-10 layers, 7 colors) and will do for a while. It was hard registering the prints properly and getting the inks to print solidly was something I knew was going to be challenging, but through some testing and experimenting with different additives to the ink as well as changing the way I was flooding and printing helped. So now that they are done I will be putting them up for sale on next week. I will link to my store when they are up. Here are some scans of the prints, I hope to have some photos for the store, when I have those I will post those as well.

Printed on Cream Stonehenge

Printed on Lenox 100 White

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